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c2023 cmetra r10 ieee webinar talk

IEEE R10Talk:
Reliability & Safety of AI Hardware to Enable the Future Metaverse
5 Aug 2023 • Now On-Demand

Cecilia Metra, Co-Chair, IEEE Metaverse Initiative, spoke about the latest trends and advancements in reliability & safety of AI hardware to enable the Future Metaverse. IEEE R10TALK is a joint endeavour focusing on enhancing the awareness of trending topics in the community. 

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An engineer’s view of the metaverse | IEEE's Tom Coughlin interview

An Engineer’s View of the Metaverse | IEEE's Tom Coughlin Interview

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Industrial Metaverse

IEEE Metaverse Webinar:
Industrial Metaverse
12 July 2023 • Now On-Demand

In this webinar, Roberto Saracco discusses the industrial metaverse. Although lesser known than the consumer metaverse, the industrial metaverse is actually generating more revenue and is expected to grow to over $100B by 2030. It is also expected to adopt more advanced technologies that may not be affordable in the consumer metaverse for some time.

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